Our Values

Everything we do for our children, parents and staff is guided by a deep commitment to our ethical, environmental and moral values:


Treating everyone with patience, consideration and courtesy and encouraging the same in return.


Being enthusiastic and celebrating individual and team achievements.


Dedicating our energies to achieving excellence in everything we do.

All of our food is fresh and is sourced locally to promote small businesses in Maesteg and healthy living.
Our Service is “All Inclusive”. We provide meals, drinks, snacks, nappies, wipes, spare clothes and everything else your child may need. You just drop them in and we do the rest.
As a treat we will have a visit once a month from an entertainer, such as a reptile expert, a puppeteer, a cartoon character, a balloon modeller, and a magician.
  • Children’s Yoga
  • Leap Frog Computer Learning System
  • Spacious Outdoor Area
  • Cooking and Gardening
  • Nearby Celtic Swing Park
  • Breakfast/After School & Holiday Club
  • Local School Pick-Up/Collection
  • Little Stars Uniform Style Play Clothes Packs Available
We have structured daily activities which are in line with the foundation phase e.g. sand, water, arts and crafts, numbers, singing, puzzles, playing musical instruments, reading, basic Welsh and French, sharing and playing.
We provide extra curricular activities to all ages such as gymnastics, soccer school,rugby tots and street dance class. These lessons are rewarding, with children exercising and learning whilst still having fun.
We work with Monkey Music and Musical Minnies – the colourful lovely sessions cater for all ages with action songs, body percussion and a range of musical instruments to experiment with.

Get Your Child Ready for School

We understand that time spent in pre-school is a vital asset to prepare your child for school. Jordan & Bethan work closely with the children and local schools to make this transition a successful and special experience.

Our pre-school area is spread over two rooms and consists of many exciting learning zones with activities.

  • Construction
  • Investigation
  • Role play
  • Mark making
  • Maths
  • Messy
  • ICT
  • Small world
  • Music

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On Your Child’s First Day

We will spend quality time getting to know your child on their first day, providing relaxed opportunities for them to choose what they play with, observing what makes them tick, their personality, likes and dislikes.

This interaction is invaluable to your Key Person and informs them what experiences, activities, opportunities and/or games to plan for your child as they begin to settle in, discover and grow.

Do try not to be too anxious about leaving your child if he or she is crying. Our teams are hugely experienced in dealing with these situations and have strategies to help them.

The most effective way of parting is to smile and clearly explain that you will see them later. As hard as it may be, aim not to prolong the goodbye. In our experience it is better for your child as they can then focus on getting on with their day!

Of course we are always happy to arrange extra settling-in sessions if either you or we feel these would be beneficial.


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