Our Toddler & Preschool room is for children aged between 2 and 5 years and is staffed on a 1:4 ratio  for 2/3 years and 1:8 ratio for 3 plus, it is situated in a large spacious child friendly room incorporating the seven areas of learning from the Early Years Foundation phase.

The children follow a daily routine and take part in both structured and child led activities which are observed for each child’s individual record of development. The staff team and parents work together, striving for the best possible care for each and every individual child.

We encourage the children to express themselves through a wide range of activities and the room is designed to encourage the children to further develop their social and emotional skills as well as promote independence.

Reading Den

Reading Den

Our reading area is designed to encourage communication and language development. The children enjoy singing nursery rhymes and songs in this area and have a new story read to them every day.

Role Play Area

Home Corner

An area which we transform to link into the current theme, for example we turned the house into the 3 bears cottage to support our story theme is an area where children express themselves freely through play.

Mark Making Area

At the Mark Making Area, our children are encouraged to draw and paint their own pictures and creations using a variety of materials and resources, such as pens, crayons, paints, chalk, different papers and scissors.

Construction Area

Construction Area

Our construction area not only provides the children with the generic building resources but it also offers the children a place for them to explore, investigate and use a range of building materials for example Lego and Duplo.

Sand & Water Play

Sand & Water Play

We have indoor and outdoor sand and water trays. We use these in lots of ways including digging and building, for role play, exploring hand and foot prints, for floating and sinking investigations, to bath our dolls, and to water the vegetables that we are growing.

Small World Area

Our Small World Area offers our children incredibly engaging and exciting chances to explore real and imagined worlds in miniature! We have a range of exciting worlds such as Noah’s Ark, a spaceship with a robot, a pirate ship with pirates, a fire station, and a farm.

Free Choice Area

During our free-play sessions, we have activities where the children can choose which toys they wish to play with themselves. They can choose from puzzles, musical equipment, Play-Doh, threading, animals, cars, dolls, CDs, and be-bot (our robot).


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