Our food is made fresh every day and sourced from local food suppliers. Alternatives will always be available for children with allergies, dietary requirements or certain beliefs.

A Typical Food Menu for the Week

Meals Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Snack Wholemeal toast fingers, yoghurt (for dipping) and banana slices pear and pocorn Breadsticks, guacamole and cucumber and pepper sticks oaty surprise IMG_6128
Lunch african stew Lamb Chilli and mini Jacket Chicken fajitas, salad and sweetcorn salsa Fish fritters, sweet potato mash and Peas vegetarian lasagne
Dessert IMG_5511 apricot fool IMG_5516 Baked apple with raisins IMG_2185-1
Afternoon Snack crumpet bagel and strawberry jam curried rice salad and mixed peppers IMG_5703 ryvita and avacado
Tea IMG_5619 sausage dinner tomato and basil pasta IMG_6925 Mini egg & Cress
Dessert banana and custard chinese fruit salad IMG_8110 peaches and rice pudding IMG_8114