Here at Little Stars our belief is that your child should receive the very best childcare available. We continuously improve and structure our baby room to ensure we can meet every child and their parents needs. We know how important it is to find the right nursery and how much of a difficult decision it is for every parent. This is why we work in partnership with you to plan for your child. We recognise that the first few days and weeks can be an emotional time and we encourage parents and carers to stay with their baby for a settling in session ensuring they feel happy, confident and secure supported by your childs key worker Feel free to talk to us about any concerns and worries as we are here to help you.

As a parent those first few hours and days away from your little one can seem endless, so if you need to chat, or just need to know about your child’s day, we are only a phone call away.

Whether a child comes to us at a few weeks old, as a toddler, or slightly older our aim is to ensure that we nurture each individual child’s emotional and physical well being as well as their developmental and learning needs by promoting a family home from home approach.

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